Panasonic gussies up LED prototypes, invites you to play (video)

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Panasonic gussies up LED prototypes, invites you to play (video)
How do you get laypeople excited about LED lighting? Make it pretty, of course -- that's what Panasonic Electric Works is doing this week at Salone del Mobile 2011, in Milan. Working with designer Ferruccio Laviani, the firm has built an interactive installation out of upcoming products and prototypes, inviting visitors to explore "new dimensions of spatial lighting with LED and OLED." The gimmicks aren't bad; guests can peek through transparent OLED panels, interact with a spacial sensor controlled light wall, and learn about the products that make up the exhibit in a special "technical zone." Featuring a theme dubbed "piano-forte," the exhibit seeks to associate dynamic lighting with 18th century musical sensibilities, promising to make everyone a "virtuoso" of lighting -- it's a bit heavy handed, but the results sure are easy on the eyes. Don't fancy a trip to Italy just to soak in artsy LED beauty? No worries, just hit the concept video at the break.

[Image courtesy of designboom]

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