StarCraft 2 headlines game-related Lightning Deals on Amazon

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StarCraft 2 headlines game-related Lightning Deals on Amazon
It's time once again to save on a seemingly random selection of nine games -- the Amazon Gold Box is loaded with game deals today. The Deal of the Day is Starcraft 2 for $39.99, but if that's not the craft you're after, you can also pick up the World of Warcraft Battle Chest right now (until 11AM EST, at least) for $18.

Hints for upcoming deals suggest that savings for Dragon Age and Kingdom Hearts games are on the way, along with Bulletstorm. Find the full schedule, with hints, after the break.

  • Deal of the Day - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for $39.99
  • 6AM PST - World of Warcraft Battle Chest - $17.99
  • 8AM PST - "Don't forget treats for your Mabari War Hound."
  • 10AM PST - "Pick up this Sony PS3 exclusive collectors edition."
  • 12PM PST - "Hey man, nice Skillshot."
  • 2PM PST - "After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins."
  • 4PM PST - "Embark on epic quests and build your Kingdom."
  • 6PM PST - "Unravel the mystery surrounding the origin of Kingdom Hearts."
  • 8PM PST - "Get ready to take the field."
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