White model to boost iPhone sales in upcoming quarter

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White model to boost iPhone sales in upcoming quarter

Multiple rumors suggest Apple is gearing up to finally launch the white iPhone 4 later this week. While many are weary of these constant rumors, Ticonderoga securities analyst Brian White believes Apple fans and stockholders should be happy that the handset may be ready for its long-awaited debut.

According to White "the white iPhone does matter" to Apple's earning potential in the upcoming quarter. White believes Apple will delay the launch of the iPhone 5 until September, and the arrival of the white iPhone 4 will bridge the gap between the launches of the original iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5.

Apple will see an incremental boost in sales as the white model has a certain "mystique" about it that will prompt some buyers to make the jump and scoop up an iPhone 4. The demand for white devices in China is also high, and White predicts the blanc version of the iPhone will be especially hot in this Asian country. China is a growing market for Apple devices, and White notes that China accounted for 10 percent of Apple's total revenue over the past six months.

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