White iPhone 4 now available for sale internationally

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White iPhone 4 now available for sale internationally

The elusive white iPhone 4 is elusive no more. It's already gone on sale internationally; this included screenshot is from Vodafone in New Zealand. The white iPhone 4 is expected to see release in several international markets over the course of the day, with release in the US likely to come within the next few hours.

The white iPhone 4 still hasn't shown up on Apple's own store site yet as of this writing, not even in countries where the handset has already been available from carriers' stores for several hours, but it should be available at the company's US brick-and-mortar stores when they open later today.

If you've been waiting this long for the white iPhone 4 to come out, the good news is your wait is now over. The bad news? The iPhone 5 is probably coming out sometime in the next six months, so if you're the kind of person who has to have the latest and greatest gear, your wait might not be over after all.

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