Caption Contest: Samsung hires David Beckham as a global brand ambassador

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|05.04.11

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Caption Contest: Samsung hires David Beckham as a global brand ambassador
David Beckham is a man that needs no introduction. Indeed, Samsung hopes he'll be the one making the introductions, as it's just signed up the English footballer to act as its global brand ambassador. Mr. Becks will be responsible for disseminating the news that Samsung is one of the major sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics, and we can see he's already received the first tranche of his remuneration in the form of a Galaxy S II. Lucky him.

Thomas: "I'm sorry, I got the Spanish version, this one says 'Sii' on it."
Vlad: "At 8.49mm, this phone's almost as thin as my wife!"
Tim: "I don't know who you are or what this is, but I'm sure Victoria will love it."
Amar: "Finally, a Galaxy that won't bench me!"
Darren: "Man, this thing crushes my Aura."
Richard Lai: "As part of the deal, Samsung will also be announcing the Galaxy S Beckham. OK, it's just a golden dual-core."
Myriam: "So you want me to drop-kick this in front of the cameras, right?"
Zach Honig: "Maybe in this Galaxy I can win a World Cup."
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Samsung Signs Beckham as Olympic Games Ambassador

World famous footballer signs as global brand ambassador for London 2012

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a market leader in consumer electronics and the Worldwide Olympic Partner for Wireless Communications Equipment, today announced an exclusive agreement with David Beckham to be its global brand ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Beckham will begin his ambassador role with immediate effect and will play a key part in raising awareness of Samsung's sponsorship of London 2012 as a Worldwide Olympic Partner. The collaboration will start with appearances in multi-platform adverts and public relations campaigns, covering various elements of Samsung's London 2012 marketing programme.

At the official signing of the partnership Mr. Gyehyun Kwon, Vice President & Head of Worldwide Sports Marketing, Samsung Electronics, said that Samsung and David Beckham shared a great number of common values ranging from their mutual commitment to youth and their continuing efforts to encourage more people to participate in sports.

"Sport has a unique power to reach people and bring them together." He added. "David has been actively taking part in a number of initiatives to help young people around the world to enjoy a better life, while Samsung's London 2012 marketing campaign will also place great importance on the value of engaging youth. And to this end, we're delighted that David will be supporting our goal to extend the Olympic Games spectator experience to fans throughout the world using our leading smart mobile technology."

David Beckham was Samsung's number one choice to be global ambassador for the sponsorship of London 2012. His success as a sportsman and his ambassadorial role in bringing the Olympic Games to London were among the many reasons for his selection. But, having been born in Leytonstone (itself only a single tube stop from the London 2012 Olympic Park) and having played football in the streets and parks of the area as a boy, it's clear that David Beckham's connections with London 2012 are unparalleled.

Commenting on the agreement Mr. Beckham said: "I'm very proud to be part of the team that brought the Olympics to my home city, London. It is one of the greatest events in the world. Working with a globally respected brand, like Samsung, our aim will be to help more and more people to enjoy and share the excitement of the London 2012 Olympic Games."

As a Worldwide Olympic Partner, Samsung is keen to realise the contribution sponsorship of the wireless category brings to the Olympic Games. High profile and carefully chosen partners, like David Beckham, bring immediate and direct attention to the wealth of experience and technical capability Samsung delivers to the Olympic Games clearly highlighting this in a strong, positive light.

Mr. Gyehyun Kwon observed: "David Beckham is a global sports icon who is helping to raise the profile of the London 2012 Olympic Games and attracting more of us to watch and to actively participate in the Games. We are very excited about the new partnership for our customers and fans of the Olympic Games and we're looking forward to working with David across the range of London 2012 marketing initiatives we will be pursuing until the end of 2012."
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