Dell Venue Pro getting a tune-up on May 18th? A chatty support rep thinks so, anyway.

Dell's Venue Pro recently arrived at AT&T for $99 with a two-year commitment, and while this troubled QWERTY slider has already embraced NoDo, a new OS simply wasn't enough to patch these cracks -- random crashes and WiFi woes continue to haunt users on a daily basis. Recently, a member of xda-developers shared their experience with Dell support, proclaiming the company is targeting May 18th for this much-needed firmware update. While follow-up communication with Round Rock have proven less fruitful (perhaps suggesting a rogue tech support agent), it has confirmed the update is a high priority and will be delivered following a successful rollout of the 7392 security update from Microsoft. Sure, you could just take the plunge and hope Dell's new firmware brings the cure, but given its track record here, you're probably wise to do a background check before hiring this as your next assistant.

[Thanks, Dennis and Rob]