Plunderland, Death Rally, Bunny the Zombie Slayer get iOS updates

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|05.11.11

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Plunderland, Death Rally, Bunny the Zombie Slayer get iOS updates

Three great iOS games got big updates this week. First up, the excellent and popular pirate simulator Plunderland got a whole new campaign to play through with new graphics, new sounds, new enemies to fight and new weapons to play with. The app is US$2.99, and it's well worth the purchase -- the depth of the game will likely surprise you.

Death Rally also got a new update. I haven't really been able to say much about this game because I'm actually in it (there's an achievement for killing me, so have fun with that), but the latest patch features a new track, lots of bug fixes and the ability to save player information to Game Center.

And finally, Hothead Games' Bunny the Zombie Slayer picked up a big patch, with new modes to play, support for the Retina Display and Game Center support (which is one of the quibbles I had when I first played with it). That one's only a buck on the App Store -- three great titles that are all getting better this week.

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