The Daily Grind: What game rewards you best for limited playtime?

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.05.11

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The Daily Grind: What game rewards you best for limited playtime?
Sometimes, we have all the time in the world to sit down and play a game to our hearts' content. But that's not the most common situation -- more often than not we have to scramble to get some playtime in. In party-based games such as EverQuest and Final Fantasy XI, that can unfortunately make any serious play impossible, which is part of the reason more recent games have allowed players to do something with only a little time to spare.

But the specifics of what you can do with a limited play session can vary a great deal. There are games that will let you pick up and go from anywhere, and there are games that still expect you to commit a solid chunk of time to get anything accomplished. We've asked before how you manage your limited time, but today we want to know -- what game feels like it does the best job of rewarding you even if you only have a little while to play? Where does it seem that you get the maximum reward for your minimal play?

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