EVE's Incarna countdown kicks off

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.07.11

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EVE's Incarna countdown kicks off
This has got to be a tough week for stick-in-the-mud EVE Online vets who are convinced that an expanding New Eden is a bad thing. First it was yesterday's official Dust 514 E3 reveal (consoles, platform exclusivity, and shooters, oh my!), and today we've got an official countdown clock to the EVE version of dress-up... er, Incarna.

Yes, the long-awaited walking-in-stations/ambulation/EVE-with-legs update is less than two weeks away, and CCP has prepared a new section of its official EVE website devoted to all things Incarna.

The new portal has a good bit of info on the expansion, including a new video dev blog featuring Team BFF and its commitment to improving and expanding EVE's minutia. If you're newly interested in EVE, Incarna, or really anything to do with New Eden, head to the new site and have a look at the video after the cut.

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