Nab your very own Gods & Heroes beta key! [Updated]

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Nab your very own Gods & Heroes beta key! [Updated]
Heatwave Interactive's mythology-driven MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is cresting toward its official launch on June 21st, but there's still time for you to dive in early!

Until June 12th, curious would-be players can sign up on the official Gods & Heroes site for an open beta key, free and clear. During this final open beta phase, testers will romp through the early levels of gameplay, boss their minions, and preview the estate system that impressed even our own Beau Hindman.

If you like what you see, then you'll want to preorder the game to access the Gods & Heroes head-start program, which will allow gamers to sail past the competition and enter the game officially a full week early. Have fun!

[Updated: It's June 12th, so the beta key giveaway has now officially ended. Hope you had a great time!]
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