Facebook acquires Mac development house for design talent

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Facebook acquires Mac development house for design talent

Facebook has just bought Dutch Mac development house Sofa, according to a company blog post. In the Mac world, Sofa is best known for four of the Mac apps that it makes: Kaleidoscope, Versions, Checkout and Enstore.

However, Facebook's acquisition of Sofa had nothing to do with the Mac apps -- it was purely a purchase to get the company's design talent. "Terms of the deal are not being disclosed. But again, this is a pure talent acquisition for Facebook. And we've heard the main emphasis behind it is to continue to boost their [Facebook's] product design talent," according to TechCrunch.

Fans of Sofa's apps don't have to worry about their future however. Though Facebook purchased the company, it did not purchase the rights to the apps. The company says that Kaleidoscope and Versions will live on, but Sofa will need to find homes for the apps at other development houses. Checkout and Enstore will also survive due to joint partnerships that were formed to create the apps.

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