SceneTap app analyzes pubs and clubs in real-time, probably won't score you a Jersey Shore cameo

So, here's the skinny -- when SceneTap launches in a month or so, it'll provide Android and iOS users with a frightening amount of analysis before you hit the town. As the story goes, the startup will be tapping into an infrastructure of cameras spread across an untold quantity of bars. The goal? To provide a real-time snapshot of what the demographics are at any location on any given night. According to the company, demographic information, social commentary and "other comprehensive features" will be shown, all of which will help people decide where they'd like to go. For the privacy freaks, they'll (hopefully) be comforted by the fact that no actual recording is going on, and each person is tracked anonymously. Hailed as a "new type of social network," SceneTap will initially cover 50 clubs, and of course, there's no DUI checkpoint feature for those hoping to do something as impractical as drink and drive afterwards. Head on past the break for the rest of the deets, and be sure to ping the company if you're hoping for a Snooki Sighting push alert in version 2.0.

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SceneTap, a New Mobile Application and Website, Gives Real-Time Info on Your Local Bar Scene

Chicago-based startup revolutionizes the way people go out at night by automatically tracking and revealing the number of people in a bar, the male-to-female ratio, and the average age of each customer, in real-time, with no need for user participation.

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SceneTap, a startup that applies the best aspects of the most popular social networking sites to local barhopping, will soon offer real-time information that answers the age-old question: "What's going on tonight?"

"It's important for us to empower our users and bars to be involved and interact with one another within the application"

Accessible for free via iPhone and Android applications or the Web, SceneTap lets users view information on the number of people, male-female ratio, and average age breakdown of patrons in their favorite venues across their city.

"The same questions pop up each time people go out: 'Where should we go tonight? What type of crowd will it be? Are there any deals or specials we can take advantage of?'" said Cole Harper, co-founder and CEO of SceneTap. "With SceneTap, you can easily access that information and more in real-time. There's no more guessing on what the scene will be like. Whether you're a knowledgeable local or just touring the city, you can locate your ideal bar at the tap of a button."

The technology behind SceneTap

With a Chicago-focused launch scheduled for July and plans to go nationwide in the following months, SceneTap's unique technology will allow consumers to get a real-time snapshot of bars in their area. This snapshot includes nightly specials and exclusive SceneTap deals, along with demographic information, social commentary, and other comprehensive features that will help people decide where they would like to go. SceneTap has installed an entire infrastructure of cameras in each of its participating bars, utilizing cutting-edge facial detection and "people-counting" technologies to automatically collect and provide data on the venue's customers. Since there is no recording and each person is tracked anonymously, there are no privacy issues or liability risks related to the service.

The social side of SceneTap

From a social perspective, users can check-in using their geo-based locations, communicate with other users and the venue staff themselves, and even rank the popularity of bars, deals, and specials. The startup has already partnered with over 50 bars in popular neighborhoods of Chicago, ranging from such venues as Casey Moran's and Rockwood Place in Wrigleyville to Hub51 and Public House in River North. SceneTap has already expanded its presence in advance of the Chicago launch, having signed bars and begun establishing networks in New York, Boston, DC, Miami, Austin, Columbus, St. Louis, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and popular college towns across the country.

"This is a new kind of social network," added Harper. "It's a community of shared interest that is focused on nightlife in cities. Best of all, it will have a positive influence on both bars and their patrons - it's the ultimate marketing tool for venue managers and serves as a comprehensive resource for bar-goers. Everyone can find what they're looking for on SceneTap."

How does SceneTap work?

* Open SceneTap to see featured bars, deals, and specials in your area
* Locate nearby bars in map view or list view and receive immediate information
* Or, search more specific criteria: by number of people at the bar, age range of patrons, gender ratio, "type of scene," distance, and more
* Browse specials, real-time SceneTap deals, and what people are saying on the bar's page
* Access additional bar information (including its website) so you know it's the right spot for you
* Map out your trip to the bar from your current location, or even just check out the street view
* Socialize your interactions with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other services so you don't have to leave the app

People in cities across the country are encouraged to visit for more information on the upcoming website and mobile technologies. Even after initial launch, users will have an opportunity to vote and help determine the next markets that are served, as well as which bars within those markets will be granted access to the exclusive network.

"It's important for us to empower our users and bars to be involved and interact with one another within the application," said Harper. "The communication and mutual incentives form a behavioral layer within the social network that will create a powerful, tangible experience for all our users. Hopefully, SceneTap will be as much a utility as it is a portal of entertainment."