Next generation iPad / iPhone GPU licensed to other manufacturers

Imagination Technologies, makers the PowerVR graphics processor found in the iPhone and iPad, has announced that its next generation PowerVR Series 6 architecture has been licensed by six lead partners: ST-Ericson, Texas Instruments and MediaTek. The remaining three partners are yet to be announced.

Whilst not giving any firm details, an Imagination Technologies press release says that the next generation GPU (codenamed "Rogue") will deliver "unrivaled GFLOPS per mm2 and per mW for all APIs," with "a smooth migration path for developers upgrading applications optimized for Series5 to the new architecture."

Since Apple has a 9.5% stake in the chip manufacturer, and being that Apple uses PowerVR GPUs to handle the graphics in current iOS devices, we can assume that Apple is among the unannounced Rogue partners.

However, it's unlikely we'll see this new GPU in Apple's iOS products anytime soon. With the iPad 2 utilizing the current PowerVR Series 5 architecture (said to boost graphics performance by nine times in comparison with the original iPad), and the next generation iPhone 5 reportedly in final testing before its introduction this year, we'll probably only see the benefits of the Series 6 GPU in the following generation iPad and iPhone. But we can always hope.

For the full press release, hit the source link.

[Via AppleInsider]