Tablet LCD deliveries suggest big iPad delivery spike

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Tablet LCD deliveries suggest big iPad delivery spike

Apple is facing the mother of all backlogs with the iPad 2, yet still producing enough tablets to be a major player in the tablet display market. Analysis released by Displaybank suggests Apple was responsible for the lion's share of 9.7-inch displays shipped in May.

Apple's two LCD suppliers, LG and Samsung, were responsible for 4.5 million of the 5.38 million tablet displays that flew off the production line in May. Most of these 9.7-inch displays were destined for the iPad as relatively few competing tablets use the 9.7-inch size. The only other high-profile tablet using a 9.7-inch screen is the upcoming HP Touchpad, but its production is still at a minimal level.

These numbers are only an estimate based on market analysis, but they do suggest iPad sales for the current quarter could be better than projected. Apple is expected to report its Q3 2011 earnings sometime in July.

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