June's engineering report available for Star Trek Online

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.18.11

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June's engineering report available for Star Trek Online
Season 4 is approaching fast for Star Trek Online, with the newest patch's content available on the public test server for everyone to experiment with. But it's coming after a bit of a long dry spell for new content updates, something that the game's latest engineering report is seeking to assuage. While the patch isn't quite live, the report details just how massive the entire undertaking of Season 4 became and why the patch has been so long in coming.

Duty Officer Rosters are one of the features that's been in development for quite some time, with most of the code in place but the system itself not currently active on the test server. The newest report also goes into details about future improvements, including expansions to the KDF areas of the game and more detailed plans for the Duty Officer system down the road. Star Trek Online players should take a look at the full report to get a sense of what's on the plate for the game in the immediate and more distant future.
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