Thunderbolt gets Sense 3.0 through the back door

Before HTC announced that the Thunderbolt wouldn't receive Sense 3.0, perhaps it should have consulted the dev community. That's because a determined group of modders have successfully massaged HTC's latest skin onto the popular Das BAMF Gingerbread ROM. The current iteration has some bugs, including a glitchy front-facing camera (that you can remedy by switching from widescreen to 4:3 capture), but it's now at release candidate status and awaiting a final coat of gloss. If you've got to have it now -- and have no interest in HTC's upcoming Android 2.3.4 build -- you'll need a rooted phone, S-Off status, and Clockwork Recovery to load the flashable ROM, along with the MR2 radio (preferably). Love what you see? Consider donating to the devs so they can show their neglected significant others a night on the town -- after cranking out the final version, of course.

[Thanks, AJFTL]