Aventurine talks Darkfall 2.0, character wipes, and more

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.08.11

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Aventurine talks Darkfall 2.0, character wipes, and more
Last week we told you about an Aventurine blog entry that touted Darkfall's forthcoming update as a "new game." This week, producer Tasos Flambouras sheds a wee bit more light on the Darkfall 2.0 situation, but readers of his latest blog post will likely be left with more questions than answers.

To summarize, the new game is not a sequel but rather an iteration on all the lessons learned after two-plus years of operating and updating Darkfall. Aventurine now boasts a much larger dev team than the one that shipped the original game in 2009, and "no aspect of the game has been left untouched" when it comes to the revamp and relaunch.

Speaking of relaunches, Flambouras addresses the seemingly odd decision to incorporate Darkfall 2.0's extensive siege mechanic changes into the current game. As it turns out, Aventurine is planning some sort of epic end-of-1.0 event before transitioning to the new game, and sieges will play a part in the action. Finally, those of you who have already purchased Darkfall will not be charged again for the 2.0 client.

What about character transfers and/or wipes? That's a bit murkier, and though Flambouras says "it would not be necessary to wipe" in the new version, he also says that the topic is still under discussion. Head to the Darkfall Epic Blog to read this week's activity report.
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