Research shows Apple customers buy more apps, pay more for them

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.11.11

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A new report by analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray says that not only are Apple users buying more apps this year than in previous years, but they're also generally paying more for them. The average iPhone user will buy 83 apps in 2011, according to Munster's research, which is 61% more than the year before. And the average price per app, after falling down to the bottom a few years ago, is rebounding at an increasing rate, as developers find more and more ways to add premium value to apps and games.

In terms of background, part of the reason for this is the sheer size of Apple's App Store, which now encompasses over 425,000 apps. With that many available, it's no wonder people are finding more and more to download. The average app price rising can also be attributed to iPad apps, which Apple has generally been able to set up at a higher price, given that the iPad versions of apps are often very different experiences from their smaller-screen brethren.

All good news for developers in terms of keeping the App Store growing and sustainable. And with rumors of even more iOS devices due out later this year, that's something Apple will need to depend on going forward.

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