Final Fantasy XI improves quality of life with July version update

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.13.11

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Final Fantasy XI improves quality of life with July version update
It's not all that often that a game launches a major patch without a major drop of content, but Final Fantasy XI has done that with the July version update that's just gone live. But that's not to imply that the version update doesn't include quite a bit -- just that it doesn't include any brand-new missions. Instead, the update contains a number of improvements to the game's quality, including the addition of new vendors, smoothed texture effects, and usability improvements to many of the game's existing systems.

Several jobs have seen improvements with this update, including White Mage, Samurai, and Puppetmaster, with the latter getting a few new automaton pieces to complement the changes. A number of Grounds of Valor regimes have also seen their overall requirements tweaked to help players complete the objectives with fewer headaches. There are also new and improved textures and resolution option for users on the PC, a welcome option that's been requested for some time. Final Fantasy XI can look at the full list of patch notes for all of the changes -- it might not be a new battlefield, but it's still full of welcome improvements.
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