TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.15.11

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

The new Captain America movie is scheduled to hit theaters next week and in advance of the film, Disney and Marvel have released a brand new game based on the superhero himself. And the good news is, it's not bad.

Movie tie-ins have a history of mediocrity, but Captain America actually tries some new things, not only in terms of being a licensed title, but also in being an iOS action platformer in general. You play as Captain America, of course, and the game plays out like the iOS version of Mirror's Edge from a little while back: 2D platforming action gameplay with 3D graphics. The Cap can throw his shield (duh), slide, and even pull off combo attacks and platform jumping just with a few simple swiping gestures.

It's surprisingly deep, and there's a lot to do over 24 different levels (featuring an original story written by a real Marvel writer). Unfortunately, the game is definitely a premium title, so if you have anything less than an iPhone 4, the graphics may not hold up (and there are some iTunes comments to tell the tale on that one). But I've seen this title a few different times during its development, and I'm impressed with how far it's come -- this is a solid title, with plenty of content, that really makes some new connections between the touchscreen and the action platformer genre.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty isn't based on the movie itself (no spoilers). It is available right now from the App Store as a universal version for US $4.99.

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