Check out Webzen's full games lineup with our all-in-one giveaway

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Check out Webzen's full games lineup with our all-in-one giveaway
Everyone loves a good beta key giveaway -- checking out a new game before the general population and helping to improve said game is a tempting pairing. Here at Massively, we've got a beta key giveaway with a twist! Webzen, the company behind MU Online, R2 Online, Archlord, and S.U.N., has given us 1,000 all-in-one beta keys to share with our readers.

A single key will give you access to new content and more in each game. For Archlord, you'll be given a level 100 character, limitless free access to cash items, and access to the new Ascent From Hell expansion -- all on the beta server. In S.U.N., you'll have a special potion which will level your character to 30, a beta key mount and fast level-up, and the ability to create the new Episode 2 class. R2 Online players will be invited to the second user test and will be able to experience the currently-unreleased Siege and Spot Warfare content. Finally, the all-in-one key will give free access to MU Online's Rage Fighter Class.

To participate, all you have to do is pick up your key on our giveaway page, then head to Webzen's All-In-One event page. Create your Webzen account if you haven't already, redeem your key where indicated, and choose the game you want to access first. Enjoy your all-in-one access, and our thanks to Webzen for providing the keys!

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]
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