Unlicensed World of Warcraft theme park opens in China

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Unlicensed World of Warcraft theme park opens in China
World Joyland hungers.

If you love Chinese knock-offs -- and I know you do -- you'll love this bit of news: World Joyland, the famed and unlicensed World of Warcraft theme park in Changzhou, China, is now open for business. The people at Shanghaiist took a tour of the place, taking myriad pictures of their experience.

In actuality, the park is less of a WoW rip-off and more of a Blizzard rip-off. It includes a Starcraft-themed area named "Universe of Starship" in addition to its World of Warcraft area, which is named "Terrain of Magic."

What kind of rides does the place have? Well, Shanghaiist detailed one of them:

Our first ride was an exciting little number called Splash of Monster Blood, and they're not kidding about the splash. We'll just say this much: trying to act cool by refusing the buy a sky blue poncho on your way in is a giant n00b stamp.

The ride was, as its sign board attests, a "beast-bloody journey" (a.k.a. your standard amusement park log ride affair.) After clicking and chugging up a tunnel full of orcs and monsters, you are then plunged down into water that manages somehow to smash you from both the front and the back simultaneously.

While World Joyland may have skimped on the official licensing -- China is much cooler with copyright infringement than we Americans are -- we're pretty sure they didn't skimp on anything else while building the place. The place is probably totally safe and not covered in lead-based paints. Right? Right?

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