iPhone survives 13,500 foot fall from skydiver's pocket

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iPhone survives 13,500 foot fall from skydiver's pocket

A few months ago we told you about an iPhone that survived a 1000-foot fall unscathed. CNN reports that another skydiver's iPhone recently flew out of his pocket during a dive and made an uncontrolled descent to Earth -- 13,500 feet below.

Skydiver Jarrod McKinney's iPhone wasn't quite as lucky in its fall as the other iPhone was; although the iPhone technically survived the fall and was still capable of receiving calls, both glass surfaces shattered. Using what CNN calls a GPS tracking app (probably Find My iPhone), McKinney located his iPhone 4 atop a two-story building half a mile from where he landed.

McKinney did have his iPhone in an Incipio case, but a 2.5-mile fall is asking a bit much from any case. He plans to get the screen replaced. Meanwhile, a skydiving instructor on the same jump was so impressed that the iPhone survived its own impromptu dive that he plans to pick one up himself.

For the rest of you skydivers, please either leave your phones behind or at least keep them secure inside a zipped pocket when you dive. It's amusing to read these stories and fascinating to see how much abuse the iPhone can take, but I'd really rather not have some skydiver's wayward iPhone hit me in the head at 120 miles per hour, would you?

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