Nintendo has one million seller per console in last quarter

The NPD suggested that audiences were receptive of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (by which we mean they bought it), but new data from Nintendo reveals just how successful the game was in its debut month.

In its list of million-selling first-party titles for the last quarter (ending June 30), Ocarina of Time is the only 3DS game listed, having sold 1.08 million copies -- approximately 270,000 in Japan, 810,000 elsewhere.

Nintendo's other platforms also feature one lonely million seller each ... well, technically there are two on the DS, combined: Pokemon Black and White sold 1.36 mllion in the quarter, bringing it up to a global life-to-date total of 12.87 million. And Mario Kart Wii repped for the Wii all by itself, selling 1.22 million in the quarter, up to a ridiculous 2.82 million lifetime total.