Darkfall video and screenshots highlight new leather armor

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.30.11

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Darkfall video and screenshots highlight new leather armor
Aventurine snuck in a couple of quick Darkfall updates while we weren't looking, and though there's still no definitive word on Darkfall 2.0, there is an armor video and some nifty screenshots to sort of make up for it.

This week's Darkfall blog update is a short one, and basically pays a bit of lip service to the siege system that's still in progress (and that Aventurine hopes to have in final testing next week). As for the screenshots, they feature some closeups of the new "intricate leather armor" that took a bow in Thursday's short video release. The set is a bit of a departure from the game's grungy medieval aesthetic, with clean lines and some appealing sleekness but for the giant spikes protruding from the helmet and and limbs. Head past the cut to get a look at the video.

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