Bedphones put tunes in your ears, won't come between you and your pillow


There are two types of people in this world -- those who need absolute silence to sleep, and those who need background noise to carry them off to sleepy land. Unfortunately, when these people share a room or, worse yet, a bed, wars can ensue. Sleeping with a pair of headphones on is, at best, uncomfortable. That is, unless you happen to own a pair of Bedphones -- or so its creator Eric Dubs claims. These ear-hook style buds are extremely thin and held in place by a length of moldable memory wire. There's even a Bedphones app that can turn the screen of your Android phone into a giant play/pause button, slowly lower the volume as a timer counts down, or shut off completely when you fall asleep (as determined by how much you move) in "smart mode." We wouldn't expect this tiny pair of phones to produce the greatest sound, but they're probably more than adequate for drifting off to an audiobook or podcast. They're available at the source link for $30.