Help Somalia hunger crisis by playing Bad Company 2

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|08.06.11

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Help Somalia hunger crisis by playing Bad Company 2

Somalia is in bad shape, you guys. Two back-to-back seasons of inadequate rains have prevented the country's agricultural infrastructure from producing enough food to cover the needs of its people, and as a result roughly 3.7 million Somali citizens are in need of assistance. The situation is so dire in some parts of Somalia that the UN has declared it a famine, which could spread throughout the entire country in as little as two months.

It's bad, and once again, a group of intrepid gamers have taken it upon themselves to help when help is needed most. Battlefield community site Don't Revive Me Bro has joined forces with pro gaming organization Quantic Gaming, fellow community resource Battlefieldo, and DICE's own Daniel Matros to produce First Person Saviors, a 24-hour Battlefield: Bad Company 2 event benefiting Somalia's people.

The event, which started this morning at 9 AM GMT (5 AM EDT) and runs until that time tomorrow, urges players to join specially-marked "Somalian Hunger Relief SHR" servers, rather than their usual virtual homes. Donations will be accepted by Gamers Outreach, 100 percent of which will be passed along to the World Food Programme to aid in their humanitarian efforts.

In addition to the warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get from knowing you've done a good thing, people who donate are also automatically entered into drawings for prizes and giveaways, held at specific donation intervals. The event is also an opportunity to test your mettle against some of the best Bad Company 2 players in the world, as well as actual DICE employees. So get to it! Go kill some dudes, and help save millions.
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