Trion's End of Nations MMORTS will be free-to-play

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Trion's End of Nations MMORTS will be free-to-play
End of Nations from Trion will be free to play
Sure, you'd like to play Trion's upcoming MMO/RTS mashup called End of Nations, but you're not sure if you want to pony up for the retail box, and then shell out another few bucks a month for a subscription. That's a lot to spend on a game you might not like, right? Good news for you, then: Trion has announced that End of Nations will be a free-to-play title.

Free players, according to the official website, will get access to "the entire game," including co-op, the metagame, and the huge multiplayer games as well. The company will offer an optional subscription that will feature "a significant amount of value and convenience extras," though exactly what those are Trion hasn't yet said. But the company does emphasize that winning the game will be built around "strategy and skill," not paying the most money.

There will also be an in-game store with "a wide selection" of more customization and convenience items. And no credit card will be required for the actual game -- everything will be purchasable either with in-game wealth or Trion Credits (which can be bought with real currency). Stay tuned for more hands-on with the game from Gamescom next week.
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