New category home pages arriving in the App Store

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.26.11

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New category home pages arriving in the App Store

Apple's been quietly tweaking the design of the App Store, and The Next Web notes Apple has been posting new updates to App Store category pages and their designs. Games and Education are the first two to get a new, cleaner look. If it looks familiar, that's because the main music homepage uses the same design, with one big bar and a scrolling list of other featured titles on the side.

I don't know that this will necessarily affect app sales much. The New and Noteworthy sections are still prominent, and just anecdotally, I'm not sure how many people actually browse the App Store for apps. I'm sure they do that on the day they come home with an iPhone or iPad, but after that I presume most app sales are by word of mouth ("Go check out this app!") or by specifically searching on the store for something.

Getting spotlighted by Apple never hurts, though, and a cleaner category page means it's easier for anyone to shop there. You can see the new pages in action in iTunes right now.

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