PAX 2011: Wakfu reveals the Pandawa class

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.26.11

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PAX 2011: Wakfu reveals the Pandawa class
Wakfu Pandawa
No, it's not that MMO and its panda-people, but Square-Enix will probably forgive you if you get Wakfu's newest class confused with another game. As Square-Enix shows off its tactical anime MMO at PAX this weekend, the company is proud to announce the latest addition to Wakfu: the Pandawa class.

One of the game's 14 classes, the Pandawa are tough fighters that fight best when completely and utterly sloshed. You read that right -- Pandawa change their fighting style depending on how much they've had to drink. Sober and they're great as a support class, but get them drunk and they'll open up a can of bamboo on your butt.

Pandawa wield axes and use the art of the right-hook to deliver the pain. Square-Enix recommends putting these warriors on the front lines of any battle to smack groups of enemies around at the same time.

Wakfu is currently in closed beta, and we'll be keeping an eye out for it at PAX.
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