Tango video calling en route to Windows Phone Mango?

Brad Molen
B. Molen|09.04.11

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Tango video calling en route to Windows Phone Mango?
Good news, folks -- Tango is about to reach Windows Phone. No, not that Tango. We're referring to the video calling service that's already popular on iOS and Android devices, but has had absolutely no presence on Microsoft's platform at all. Of course, there's a blatantly obvious reason for that: the OS didn't support front-facing cameras until Mango came along. At this week's unveiling of HTC's first WP7.5 devices, someone perusing the Radar's software happened across a Tango app in the Start menu, indicating users will have more video chatting options to choose from than just Skype. Better yet, it appears to offer cross-platform compatibility to ensure you can see your Android-toting pals and your iPhone-equipped in-laws up close and personal. We're ecstatic to see the feature finally ready to go with Mango's debut, but unfortunately it's only a matter of time before the name confusion settles in.

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