The Daily Grind: What was your worst mistype?

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.18.11

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Eliot Lefebvre
September 18th, 2011
The Daily Grind: What was your worst mistype?
/yell: raiding cole need tank and healer pst
It happens. Sometimes it's a typo. Sometimes you forget what chat channel you're in. And sometimes you really meant to hit the button for a reply, but you wound up announcing intensely personal details into the guild chat channel, which is followed by the awkward pause that inevitably ends only when one of your guildmates asks whether you're seeing a doctor about that rash.

Of course, sometimes it's not merely a matter of laughter or a bit of personal shame. Sometimes you're having a serious discussion about guild officers, one you weren't quite ready to broadcast. Or dropping a word or two changes the entire meaning of what you said, so that your guild is left wondering why you just said someone is a complete idiot because you left out the "not." And sometimes it's just plain gibberish.

Given enough time in MMOs, you're going to acquire quite a history of typos and incorrectly sent messages. So what was your worst mistype? Was it a case that incited some terrible drama, or was it just the sort of thing for which people still mock you due to the severe shame?

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