TERA unleashes serpentine BAMs

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TERA unleashes serpentine BAMs
TERA screenshot
The Naga is more than just an awesome gaming mouse or a deity of the Indian subcontinent, although the latter likely inspired the En Masse devs responsible for today's reveal of yet another pair of TERA BAMs. Massively's scored a look at two "big ass monsters" of the Naga variety, both the Naga Clawrider and the Naga Bloodscale. Clawriders, you'll be unsurprised to learn, are proficient at riding enormous clawed crabs that spit steam and kick butt. Should his skills fail him, the Clawrider dies the same death as his mount. Bloodscales, on the other hand, trample each other's bloodied corpses in their quest to be chosen to undergo what has to be the worst skin graft operation of all time. Then again, wouldn't you let a priest scrape off all your skin to make you thrice as powerful? Yeah, maybe not.

Check out the gallery below for the visuals, and head past the cut for the official descriptions of these two baddies.%Gallery-86517%Naga Clawrider

The clawriders' massive, armored crab mounts can snap a ship's mast with their claws, tear down a palisade wall in seconds, and even jump four times their body length. Some of them can even blow jets of superheated steam from their mouths. Clawriders train their mounts constantly until rider and crab can act as one deadly foe. Riders must be deadly, perceptive, and skillful in controlling their mount because while bonded, if the crab is killed, shock will kill the rider.

Naga Bloodscale

Naga bloodscales are born as much as made. Promising young naga soldiers endure rigorous training, struggling to the death to outdo one another at feats of strength, dedication and arms. The winners take herbs that force them to shed their skins early, an agonizing process. Priests bio-sculpt each warrior, tripling the bloodscale's size and strength. The priests also alchemically treat the shed skin, shaping and growing it into a scimitar the bloodscale will wield. Younger nagas follow the bloodscales fanatically, attacking anything that threatens them.
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