U-bop gSHELL SuperSlim for iPad 2 offers thin Smart Cover-compatible protection

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U-bop gSHELL SuperSlim for iPad 2 offers thin Smart Cover-compatible protection

U-bop gSHELL SuperSlim for iPad 2

The U-bop gSHELL SuperSlim is another thin TPU Smart Cover-compatible case that comes in several colors, including the semi-transparent "smoke," which recently hit the TUAW test bench.


The gSHELL has decent coverage for a thin TPU case, covering everywhere you would expect with enough access to the device not to hinder use. The headphones port, the dock connector port, microphone, camera and side switch are all freely accessible, while the power and volume buttons are accessed directly through the case. As with all thin TPU cases, scratch resistance is good, but impact protection is limited to very light bumps, while the rubber stretches over the front edge of the screen locking the iPad tightly into the case.

Thickness and material

The gSHELL is nice and thin at about 1mm thick meaning it's not going to add much weight or bulk to your slim slate, but will give it a grippy yet smooth texture to help you keep a hold of it. Small manufacturing edges and imperfections are visible on the edge of this inexpensive case, but they aren't sharp and don't get in the way too much.

U-bop have the gSHELL in a few variants including the Smart Cover-compatible variety which we tested, but if you're looking for just a TPU case for your iPad that covers all edges they've got your covered.



The U-bop gSHELL SuperSlim is a decent, low cost TPU case that feels solid and fits the iPad 2 well. If you've got a Smart Cover and want to keep scratches to that gorgeous aluminium at bay then this thin TPU case will do the trick without emptying your wallet.

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