IDAPT Universal Charging Station i4: A flexible way to charge everything

Does your family have a bunch of digital devices that all need to be charged up simultaneously? IDAPT has released an innovative solution to charge everyone's favorite digital toy at the same time. The IDAPT Universal Charging Station i4 (starting at US$59.99) can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, using an innovative dock and adapter design that works with over 4,000 different digital devices.


The Universal Charging Station i4 uses a dock design with three spots to plug in your devices. Each of these spots can be outfitted with a "tip" that is designed for a specific device. For the purpose of this review, I was supplied with the standard retinue of 6 tips -- Nokia 2, iPod/iPhone, MiniUSB, MicroUSB, Sony Ericsson 2, and Samsung 4 -- as well as an additional iPod/iPhone tip. Since I have a few digital devices around the office, it was a piece of cake to get the IDAPT set up for testing with four items charging simultaneously.

"But, wait," you might say. "I thought you said that there are only three charging points where you can plug in your devices!" You'd be partially correct -- there are three of the IDAPT tip locations, plus a regular USB connector for a fourth device. I chose to use that fourth spot to plug in an iPad 2.

The IDAPT i4 comes in black, white, and seven other colors, so you can get one to match almost any decor. If you need more than just the standard 6 tips that come with the device, there are many more available at about $9.99 each. There's even a tip that comes with two rechargeable batteries (AA or AAA) for $19.99.

Setup is extremely easy. You just plug in the dock, choose the proper tips, and plug the tips into the dock. There's an on-off switch on the top of the dock in case you want to power everything down or turn it on again. A red light indicates that the device is charging, while a green light appears once a device is fully charged and ready to go.

The Universal Charging Station i4 is made out of a scratch-resistant plastic material, so regardless of how many times you plug or unplug devices, it should remain scratch-free. Just remember to dust it occasionally, especially if you have the black model.


Capable of DC output up to 13 Watts, the Universal Charging Station i4 is able to charge up a full set of devices. As you can see in the gallery or title photo, I had an old iPhone, an old iPod, a T-Mobile Android phone, and my iPad 2 all charging simultaneously. All of this is done with a box that's only 6.7" x 5.3" x 1.3".

What I like about the i4 is that it is "future-proof." If Apple decides to change the adapter used on devices from the Dock connector to something else, all I need to do is buy a new tip and I'm ready to go.

The tips plug in easily and lock in place, and if you need to remove one for replacement at some point, there are two buttons that need to be depressed to pop the tip out. I had no issues at all swapping out the tips.


Anyone in a muli-device household who would like to be able to charge up to four devices at the same time should look into the IDAPT Universal Charging Station i4. It's designed with capacity for an iPad and three other devices (all iPhones? It's your choice!), and looks pretty good in the process. The extra tips make the IDAPT i4 your one-stop-shop for all of your charging needs.