Tuesday Morning Post: Glory to the Alliance edition

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|10.25.11

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Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. BlizzCon is over, and we're all recovering here, more or less. However, the news cycle marches on, and we've already received our post-BlizzCon bombshell: In a future content patch, Theramore will be destroyed by the Horde.

I'm not going to lie. As a die-hard Alliance player, I'm more than a little crestfallen. Jaina Proudmoore means a lot to me, and so does the city she built. But I have found one surefire way to cure these doldrums. To all my Alliance brothers and sisters, I invite you: Watch that video up there, and remember. This is what we Alliance can do. We didn't need the Horde, and we didn't need the Argent Crusade or the Cenarion Circle or any other neutral organizations. Glory to the Alliance.

While you bask in the power of the Alliance, I should also tell you that we have no reported downtime yet for this morning as of this writing. If it comes, though, have no fear. After the break, you'll find a roundup of all the BlizzCon news you may have missed over this crazy weekend, as well as everything else worth knowing about from the past seven days. Read on.

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