CRP Racing debuts Energica electric streetbike prototype at EICMA 2011

You might not need an electric streetbike in the near future, but it's still cool to know that the prototype is complete. CRP Racing has just introduced the Energica at the EICMA motorcyle show in Italy. The Energica slides an all-electric powertrain with 100kW of power into a classic Italian-style two wheeler the is capable of speeds up to 220 km/h, 16kgm of torque, and 150km of range on a single charge, features OZ forged aluminum braking discs and a power train efficiency around 95 percent. The niftiness is only compounded by front double caliper radial mounts, a single rear fixed caliper, digital multifunction LCD dashboard and LED headlights. Pricing begins with a deposit of €1,500 ($2042 US) and doesn't include VAT. Of course, the Energica is still in the development phase, so final pricing and specifications might change. Still, if an electric streetbike isn't at least as cool as a penguin in a freezer, then something's wrong with your freezer.


At Eicma CRP Racing presents Energica, the first electric streetbike prototype.
After the success that eCRP, the 2010 and 2011 Vice World Champion racebike, gained on track, CRP Racing has decided to take to the street with the electric superbike prototype and present it at Eicma for the first time.

Milan November 8 2011. CRP Racing comes to Eicma with the first electric streetbike prototype: Energica.

This is a project of international importance, in which CRP, in addition to studying in detail the characteristics of this new electric streetbike, has used the experience gained race after race on the track.

The key word is Evolution. CRP's challenge is to deliver green technology with its innovation, not only on the track, but also on the street. CRP's know-how is the result of 40 years of experience working alongside some of the best international motorsport teams.

Energica is CRP Racing's first concept of an electric streetbike
The CRP streetbike is an Italian style two wheeler, with a strong racing personality characterised by its racing DNA and state of the art green technology.
With Energica the electric bike is no longer just an example of alternative sustainable mobility, but has become a true model of high technology and design on two wheels, capable of giving you the same unique sensations as the traditional models.
The Energica project is underway thanks to the experience that CRP has gained race after race at the FIM e-Power and TTXGP electric motorcycle championships.
After having travelled for two years throughout Europe and America, taking the eCRP, one of the best electric racing vehicles, to the track, the CRP staff have perfected every single detail in order to design a unique electric streetbike specimen, which today is a viable alternative to the next-generation endothermic motorbikes.

Energica is in the development phase, but some technical data is already available, as it is already possible to order the streetbike via the website

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