StormDriver social web app gets alpha release, booming launch video

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|11.11.11

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StormDriver social web app gets alpha release, booming launch video
You're not really reading this. Okay, you are reading this, but the problem -- we're told -- is that you're reading it like a little Pac-Man trapped in a blind maze, in which all the other Pac-People surfing this page are hidden from view. Don't you want to smash those walls down? Don't you want to immerse yourself in that sweaty throng of humanity? Oh, you do? Then you need StormDriver, a social web app which has just started alpha testing. Similar to the RockMelt browser that came out last year, it's an overlay that allows geeks on the same page to interact with each other, rate content and follow real-time feeds that point them towards hot sites and discussions. The video and press release after the break make it all sound very enticing, but remember the ancient phrase: never pull down a fence until you know why someone put it up.

Update: if you want early access to the system, leave your email address at the source link.

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StormDriver Alpha Release:

StormDriver ( is a new web application that is entering the alpha testing stage on 11 November 2011. It provides a single interactive overlay for the whole Web without the need to install anything. StormDriver allows you to instantly see who else is on the same website as you, where people came from and where they are going. StormDriver also analyzes the users' browsing habits and content tastes and leverages this information to provide an innovative content recommendation system (patent is now pending).

The interaction in StormDriver happens around content, and not in a walled garden of a social network. Users can exchange information and express their opinions independently from the original website architecture. Thanks to real time feeds, StormDriver users can see what is happening on the Web this very second – which sites are popular and where discussions happen. They can see the ebbs and flows of Web traffic.

Users can also relate pages to one another, effectively building a community-curated, alternative web of meaningful relations between content. These relations grow in strength with each user that travels through them and rates them, providing a new way of finding relevant information.

About Us

StormDriver is a start-up with an international development team based in Norway, Poland and Argentina. The system has been in development for two years and is now entering the closed alpha testing stage. If you want to help us improve StormDriver, leave your email at this teaser site: http:/ Alpha testers will be invited in small, controlled groups. Please contact us to arrange exclusive press access.
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