Need a beta key for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Silly question?

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Need a beta key for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Silly question?
star wars: the old republic
Are you one of the many people coming up for air this morning after a weekend chock full of Star Wars: The Old Republic beta testing? Have you yet to experience the game in much more than YouTube videos and reviews at this point? Either way, this is your lucky day, because the kind folks at BioWare have sent us a truckload of keys for the next round of SWTOR beta testing!

We have 75,000 keys to share with those of you who are registered for the testing program. What's that you say? You're not yet? Well, go remedy that quickly -- we'll wait. All set? Perfect! Now just grab a key from our giveaway page linked below and redeem it as soon as possible. This batch of beta keys MUST be redeemed by this Friday, November 18th, at 12:59 p.m. EST, at which time they will expire.

The date of the next round of testing has not been announced yet, but BioWare is clear that everyone with a key will receive an invitation approximately seven to 10 days before the test. When the test starts, BioWare will begin inviting groups of players every 24 hours until they've invited everyone with a key into the test. They also say that the test will run approximately four days, giving some players more time to play than others.

Also, BioWare has cautioned that if you're already a regular beta tester for SWTOR, don't grab one of these beta weekend keys as it may jeopardize your chances. More info on that is here.

Ready for your key? Click the link below, then keep an eye on your email for that invitation!

[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]
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