Unveiled: The Supernatural trailer shows off gameplay, customization [Updated]

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.14.11

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Unveiled The Supernatural - Vampire girl
Unveiled: The Supernatural recently made its way onto our radar screen, and a new trailer from last week's G-Star convention offers the first real look under the game's hood. While we've seen plenty of screenshots, renders, and a cinematic, the new clip indulges in a few fly-through shots as well as some glimpses of avatar and outfit customization.

Toward the end of the video we also get to see both solo- and group-based PvE, as well as the requisite neck biting and heart-stabbing that are part and parcel of every vampire title. Check out the full clip after the cut.

[Update: Maverick Studios reached out to us to let us know that this isn't an official trailer: "It is not a publicly released gameplay trailer from G-star; it is a prototype video made more than a year ago by eight developers who were constructing their vision of Unveiled: The Supernatural."]

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