Grand Central Apple Store reportedly close to opening

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Grand Central Apple Store reportedly close to opening

It's possible that Apple's flagship Grand Central Terminal store in New York City is set to open as early as this (Black) Friday, November 25th. If 9to5Mac's sources are to be believed, Apple will announce the store opening tomorrow by removing the black boards that are currently hanging around the store, blocking views to the construction and setup inside. The Black Friday opening of the Grand Central store was first reported by PhoneArena back in October.

Apple's Grand Central Terminal store will be notable for many reasons. It will be the largest Apple store, by square footage (23,000 sq ft, including offices and stock rooms), in the world. It will also have a staff of over 300 (impressive, but not a record) to take care of customers from the potential pool of 750,000 commuters that stream through Grand Central each day.

Apple's grand openings are usually massive events in themselves, with hundreds lining up at the door hours -- sometimes days -- before the opening. If the store is a flagship store, like the Grand Central one is, the lines of waiting Apple fans can reach the thousands. Throw in a Black Friday opening and you're looking at potentially the largest group of waiting shoppers in the world. Of course since Grand Central Station is one of America's largest travel hubs, due to security issues it's possible the City of New York may not allow early lines to form for the grand opening.

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