Google catalogs brings all of your holiday perusing to your Android tablet

Looking for a way to stay up to date on your favorite retailers this holiday season without amassing a mountain of soon-to-be trash? Google has announced Catalogs, an app that keeps all of your favorite look books current and in one place. The tablet application is now available for Android slates and the iPad, giving you another option when shopping from the couch. You'll be able to curate product collages that can be shared (we'd presume via Google+) with whomever you see fit. Content is pulled from over 125 brands spanning more than 400 digital catalog issues -- so you should be able to find enough to fill out that wish list. If you're looking to give it a spin, hit the source link below to download the app.

Update: Well folks, while the Google Catalogs app is new for Android, the iPad verson's been around for a couple months now. [Thanks, TUAW]