RIM's Mobile Fusion to offer iPhone security

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RIM's Mobile Fusion to offer iPhone security

With its smartphones becoming increasingly unpopular and its PlayBook tablet a total flop, Research In Motion (RIM) is searching for a way to improve revenues. Now the company has come up with an idea that might help it remain relevant in the enterprise market. RIM has announced Mobile Fusion, a new device management tool that allows corporate IT departments to perform a number of security functions on mass deployments of iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones.

Some of the features that will be provided when Mobile Fusion arrives are already available for iOS devices, including the ability to remotely wipe or lock devices that are lost or stolen. However, Mobile Fusion is also set to provide additional capabilities such as allowing IT departments to set password rules and control what apps are installed on a device.

RIM hopes to bring its enterprise-quality security to the iOS realm in the first quarter of 2012 and an undisclosed price that is said to be "competitive." The Mobile Fusion product runs next to existing BlackBerry Enterprise Servers behind corporate firewalls, and RIM seems confident that the product will catch the attention of companies who are deploying iOS and Android devices in large numbers.

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