PSA: How to un-ugly your GBA games on 3DS

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Jessica Conditt
December 18th, 2011
PSA: How to un-ugly your GBA games on 3DS
Nintendo Ambassadors now have 10 free Gameboy Advance games on their 3DSes, which is wonderful. Some of these games look like they were thrown onto a freeway during rush hour in Freight-Truck Town, which is not wonderful. The 3DS' screen is 400x240 pixels, while the classic games are set at GBA standards, 240x160 pixels. When loading a GBA title normally, it will stretch out to fill the 3DS screen and look like the elastic on your 30-year-old "lucky" pair of tightie whities -- but never fear, because you can revert the game to its standard size, as provided by 1UP.

Launch a GBA title on the 3DS and hold down the select or start button until the boot screen disappears and the game begins -- the playable screen will shrink down to standard GBA size, with black bars filling in the extra space around the smaller area. Think of it as a frame for your nostalgia.
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