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iHome gives further details on AirPlay-ready speakers


iHome's first AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system didn't make it out for the holiday season as expected, but they have just released further information on the system, now known as the iW1.

We first got wind of the iW1 last September. Back then we simply knew that it would be a wireless speaker that incorporates Apple's AirPlay technology, and that it runs off of a rechargeable battery. It streams digital lossless audio from your iTunes library and compatible device (using Apple's Remote app or iHome's own custom app).

Today, iHome has shared some additional tidbits, including:
  • Multiple iW1 speaker support -- enjoy music streamed all around your house simultaneously with AirPlay and multiple iW1 speakers
  • Built-in rechargeable li-ion bettery with included charging base
  • Studio Series speakers -- high performance audio featuring Bongiovi Acoustics DPS with specially tuned woofers and tweeters with a clean, efficient Class-D amplifier
  • iPhone / iPod / iPad docking, charging and local audio playback via USB cable
  • A capacitive, backlit, touch-sensitive control panel
Electricpic reports that the iW1 will retail for £299 (roughly US$465 as of this writing) and should be available around February or March of this year. That's quite a steep price, but just slightly undercutting Sonos ZonePlayer 120 at US$499 (we recently reviewed the $399 Sonos S5).

[Via MacRumors]

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