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iPad increasingly popular among restaurateurs, diners

Michael Gray

We've been talking about the iPad in restaurants for a while, starting back when the Lecere Corporation began testing their FIRMS point-of-sale system. The iPad seems especially effective for wine lists, and we covered the story about Bones in Atlanta seeing an 11 percent improvement in their wine sales.

According to the Associated Press, an upscale Chicago steakhouse called Chicago Cut is seeing similar results. While the owners are hesitant to lay their 20 percent increase in wine sales directly at the iPad's feet, they definitely credit Apple's magical and revolutionary device with some of the credit. Au Bon Pain is also experimenting with the iPad in six of its stores, using the tablet to do away with paper ordering pads.

The iPad has the ability to simplify a great deal of the order process in restaurants, communicating customer choices and orders back to the kitchen without wasting reams of paper. It's probably only a matter of time before we see even more dining businesses embrace the iPad.

[via Switched]

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