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Fable 3 PC playable at Microsoft's CES booth; release date still in darkness

We knew in August that Fable 3 wouldn't hit Windows PCs day-and-date with the Xbox version last October, but Microsoft told us to "expect news soon." Well, we suppose everyone has a different definition of "soon" since Fable 3 on PC is here at CES with an expected release date of ... well, they're still not saying. But if you'd become convinced that the latest installment in Lionhead's Fable franchise would never make it off the Xbox 360, much like the excellent Fable 2, then we suppose you'll find the above photo comforting. In our short hands-on time with the title, we didn't spot any notable distinctions from the Xbox 360 version. In short, it's Fable 3, warts and all.

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