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Is Star Wars: The Old Republic four years out of date?


We know that Star Wars: The Old Republic is the most anticipated game of 2011 according to our readers and writers, even if one of the reasons is that we want to "see what kind of MMO you get for that kind of money." However, if you were to ask one of the writers at, EA is not spending the money in the right places. In the article, there are claims that EA is looking to topple the World of Warcraft giant given similarities between SWTOR and the Blizzard MMO. The writer uses words like "generic" and "conventional" to describe the leveling system for the Star Wars game and says that BioWare is simply playing follow-the-leader by playing it safe. "Given Blizzard's enormous headstart though, a developer has to do more than play it safe to reach the heights that World of Warcraft has scaled," the article asserts.

The developers at BioWare claim they are not attempting to copy WoW. However, the similarities exist. Even our own writers have said they feel "right at home" with the controls because they're like World of Warcraft's. Other writers say that it is different enough. Who will be right in the end? Maybe our curiosity for the game alone is enough to make SWTOR a success.

For the whole article stop by, and for more information about Star Wars: The Old Republic, visit its official website.

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