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MX vs. ATV series ships ten million units, next game announcement Jan. 8


THQ today announced plans to formally announce the next installment in its MX vs. ATV series at the Monster Energy AMA Supercross event in Anaheim this Saturday, January 8. We're assuming the big reveal will be ... MX vs. ATV Alive, the "hybrid" iteration we've be hearing about for months. Alive is expected to retail for a "budget" price ($40) and, THQ hopes, will bring in the big bucks with a steady stream of DLC.

"You know, hopefully tens of millions of dollars will come from just that single product," THQ CEO Brian Farrell mused about Alive last month. To date, the series has shipped 10 million units, across its three console releases and a PSP port, according to the publisher.

In a 2011 release schedule posted by THQ last fall, MX vs. ATV Alive, the fourth console edition of the series, was set to go off-roading this spring. We'll see if the plan has changed following this weekend's update.

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