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The Engadget Podcast Show livestream extravaganza starts at 8PM PST / 11PM EST!


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Alright, the past two days have been insanity, meaning our live Engadget Podcast Shows have happened at an ungodly hour, no matter which end of the US you happen to live. Today is totally insane too, but we're going to take a break from the insanity to do an insane live show at 8PM Vegas Local Time (VLT), or 11PM EST, if that's more your bag. We can't promise to be any more coherent than the last two nights, but we can promise to be just as attractive and twice as argumentative. Don't miss it. The stream and the chat are after the break.

Oh, and here are the last two shows, in case you missed them:
Engadget Podcast Show 002
Engadget Podcast Show 001

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